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Operational excellence & Industrial strategy

More than ever before, companies nowadays are facing numerous challenges, including intense competition, globalization of markets, economic liberalism, political turbulence, and environmental requirements, which decisively impact their performance.

It seems evident that only those that have implemented a comprehensive approach to mastering all key factors contributing to the optimization of their performance will withstand the rapid market changes. In this context, we support you in implementing an operational excellence system and developing a high-performing industrial strategy.

Brains & Solutions Consulting – We help companies identify all the factors contributing to their performance, enabling them to build an effective, robust, and objective operational strategy.

Our approach

Our approach is based on a comprehensive diagnosis of functions directly linked to the performance of your operations. The goal is to identify and qualify all factors causing value loss, measure the maturity of your strategy and industrial processes, and identify the relevant skills for your business.

The diagnosis will specifically cover the following axes:

  • The efficiency of your production system
  • The effectiveness of your maintenance
  • The performance of your quality system
  • The relevance of your HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) system
  • The maturity of your management system and the autonomy of your employees
  • The robustness of your logistics system”

Mapping of industrial performance maturity

The diagnosis will enable you to map your maturity and position your practices in relation to the most rigorous standards in the manufacturing industry and World Class Manufacturing (WCM).

Exemple de cartographie de maturité industrielle

In an environment of industrial acceleration and markets globalization, African companies are faced with the dual challenge of intense and quality-driven competition, and increasingly restrictive environmental requirements.
In this context, we intend to support all players in the industrial machine throughout the entire process of industrial excellence, in order to turn them into champions, while enabling them to focus on their core business.

Donald Elombat
Founder & CEO, BSC Group
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