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Energy audit and energy savings

What is an energy audit?

The energy audit allows you to measure the consumption of your company (buildings, processes, and transportation) and identify opportunities to improve energy performance.

The analysis will lead to the implementation of targeted actions that will enable savings in the short, medium, and long term.

Your energy audit in 4 steps
Réalisation bilan énergétique entreprise - energy audit
Why should you conduct an energy audit?

A snapshot at T0

  • By item
  • Energy by energy type
  • Financial burden

An awareness-raising

  • Waste
  • Unsuspected financial gains

Well-identified improvement areas

  • Improvement on a per-item basis with a reliable internal rate of return

With the assistance of Brains & Solutions Consulting Group, implement a comprehensive audit of your energy consumption and actual needs.

We also support you in implementing an action plan and deploying tailored optimization solutions.

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