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Optimize the costs of your industrial spare parts

In an environment of industrial acceleration and markets globalization, African companies are faced with the dual challenge of intense and quality-driven competition, and increasingly restrictive environmental requirements.
In this context, we intend to support all players in the industrial machine throughout the entire process of industrial excellence, in order to turn them into champions, while enabling them to focus on their core business.

Donald Elombat
Founder & CEO, BSC Group
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Spare Parts Management: Reduce your costs by stocking efficiently without risk!

Effective spare parts management in the industry is crucial due to the significant impacts that a shortage could have. The fear of stockouts “at the wrong time” understandably leads executives and operational managers to tend towards stockpiling almost all wear-prone parts.

Moreover, when it comes to essential components for equipment, such as the main drive, for example, the tendency to stock in large quantities is heightened.

In both scenarios, the industrial response to massively stock spare parts results from a risk perception primarily focused on potential consequences (especially the worst and real ones) for production and the factory. While this approach certainly covers a maximum of critical risks, it also exposes the industry to significant waste and expenses.

BSC assists industrial companies in limiting and reducing these costs by providing them with additional information and analyses, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding procurement, storage, and use of spare parts.

Gestion des pièces de rechange - Spare parts management : une responsable de magasin faisant son inventaire
Réunion de définition de la stratégie de performance industrielle, y compris la gestion des pièces de rechange - spare parts management

Our support allows you to have a comprehensive assessment of the risks, as well as the potential costs of various solutions and decisions.

We optimize what already exists

Critical spare parts

We assist you in characterizing your spare parts, as well as identifying critical ones, relying in particular on criteria such as reliability, consumption, and procurement.

Calculation of replenishment thresholds

Trust our experts to determine your replenishment thresholds accurately, based on a controlled risk assessment.

Stock resizing

Based on your actual consumption history, we will propose a gradual evolution of your stock that will allow for cost rationalization.

We also assist for new projects

Sizing of the initial inventory

For any new project (implementation or construction of new machinery, line, unit, or factory), we assist you in defining the Initial Stocking Requirements (ISR) and calculating the quantities to be stocked for initial operation.

Sizing of storage
and shelving

In the context of site expansion or creation, we assist you in sizing the shelving and optimizing storage areas..

Maintenance master plan

In the case of multiple production sites, we assist you with identifying common spare parts and setting up strategies for mutualization.

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