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ILS - Integrated Logistics Support
Maintenance from the design phase

Considering Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), especially the maintenance system, from the design phase of your industrial projects will effectively prevent operational constraints, optimize processes, and maximize the useful life of your equipment, allowing you to get the most out of your installations from the moment they are commissioned.

BSC supports you through all phases of your industrial project—whether it involves building a new factory, extending a production line, or simply acquiring new equipment. We provide assistance in project management during both the design and construction phases, as well as expertise in implementing operational processes and strategies, including commissioning management.

We support you at every stage!

Development of the ILS specifications and tracking of deliverables

It is common for buyers of factories, production lines, or equipment to overlook certain (essential) aspects of integrated logistics support, particularly maintenance, during negotiations and contractual agreements with their suppliers. Factors such as lack of technical documentation, the subsequent need for specific tools for accessibility or maintenance, unexpected maintainability constraints, and unfavorable warranty and support conditions that do not cover critical operational aspects can significantly impact your company's financial and technical performance if not addressed early on.

Challenge your suppliers and avoid many additional operational costs by leveraging our expertise. We will complete your RFP (Request for Proposal) with a comprehensive ILS specification and assist you in technical negotiations, as well as in tracking the deliverables and ensuring compliance with requirements.

Study of ILS constraints - characterization of installations

The objective of the characterization study is to ensure that your installations are maintainable according to safety regulations and in compliance with local regulatory requirements. It also aims to identify and address constraints and factors that can significantly impact maintenance intervention durations and logistical times.

This involves analyzing the studies conducted by your contractor/supplier, as well as reviewing the installations they carry out on-site.

BSC stands by your side to ensure that the work executed by your integrators and suppliers meets your complete satisfaction and prevents costly later modifications. We help you:

  • Optimize intervention times in case of a breakdown
  • Identify and eliminate safety risks in advance
  • Optimize integrated logistics timelines
  • Reduce downtime costs and increase availability
Initial sizing of spare parts

Identifying critical spare parts and evaluating the necessary quantities for maintenance is a delicate exercise due to the risk of jeopardizing operations and the potential for procurement and storage costs to quickly escalate.

This exercise becomes even more precarious when it comes to sizing the stocks of a new equipment or installation for which there is little or no prior experience. Specifically on this point, we provide the technical support needed to cover the requirements for Initial Provisioning Parts during the commissioning phase of your installation and throughout the initial years of operation. Our aim is to rationalize the associated costs and minimize risks while ensuring operational continuity.

Sizing and Layout of Warehouses and Workshops

The layout of spare parts warehouses and maintenance workshops is crucial for the safety of assets and personnel, employee ergonomics, daily efficiency, and space utilization.

We assist you in the LEAN configuration of your warehouses and workshops, identifying storage and shelving systems, as well as their layouts. Additionally, we help identify essential tools and handling equipment necessary for optimal operation of your services and smooth processes.

Sizing and Structuring Maintenance Teams

As part of the startup of a new industrial site, we assist you in calculating the maintenance workload, identifying the necessary skills for operation, sizing maintenance teams, and structuring the entire maintenance department.

Development of the Initial Maintenance Strategy and Plan

We perform workload leveling and establish a balanced and optimized maintenance plan for you, while rationalizing the use of your resources.

In addition, we build a comprehensive dedicated maintenance strategy.

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