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Industrial performance

Control your performance by relying on an objective, pragmatic and realistic strategy that is closely aligned with your industrial and economic context, as well as its environment and socio-cultural constraints.

Comprehensive diagnosis of your industrial performance

A global approach to control the key factors impacting your industrial performance.

Based on a comprehensive diagnosis of your operational functions that have a direct impact on your industrial performance, BSC provides you with relevant tools and methods, inspired by practices developed and proven in the automotive, mass production, aerospace, and nuclear industries.

The diagnosis will enable the following:

  • Identify and qualify value loss factors.
  • Measure the maturity of your industrial process.
  • Assess the maturity of your organization’s production and maintenance functions.
  • Evaluate the relevance of your industrial methods.
  • Identify relevant skills linked to your operational activities.

This 360-degree view of the key determinants of your performance will enable you to build a customized strategy tailored to your context and constraints, or simply optimize the existing strategy on specific and relevant axes.

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Do you know the factors responsible for your performance loss? We conduct a comprehensive (or tailored) diagnostic for you!


Production system efficiency

Assess and optimize production system efficiency

Optimize and strengthen your production system, as well as associated processes, by eliminating various forms of waste in your operations.

We assist you in identifying productivity losses and highlighting optimization opportunities.

Do you know how much time your teams lose searching for tools, parts, or information? Or the proportion of accidents attributed to an unorganized work environment?

Our 5S diagnosis will help you gain efficiency by improving your work environment. At the same time, you’ll be able to develop and maintain safe working conditions for your employees.

Are all waste properly identified in your processes?

Our diagnosis will enable you to assess the relevance of your current practices and identify sources of waste as well as inefficiencies that impact availability (downtime), performance efficiency (cadence/speed), quality (scraps) and planned stoppages, so that corrective actions can be taken to improve machine capacity and efficiency.

Are the relevant operational tasks identified, mastered and standardized?

This diagnosis will enable you to define the best way to perform operational tasks by reducing waste and ensuring ‘first-time-right’ in terms of quality, time, cost, and continuous improvement.

Have you identified the critical path of your production system?

We will help you optimize production efficiency by organizing tasks and balancing workloads.

Do you have control over the production progress in relation to the schedule?

We will assess your maturity level in this regard to establish an effective flow management process that allows you to monitor production status (ahead of or behind forecasts). This will facilitate decision-making, ensure better process adaptability, and enhance adherence to the production schedule.

What is your disruption escalation process? Is it effective?

We will identify the key gaps in anomaly reporting, enabling you to ensure a swift return to normal conditions in the event of production disruptions.

What are your operational performance indicators and how do you empower your teams?

We measure the maturity of your operational management and provide you with the tools to drive your teams’ performance.

Are you sure that your managers are assigned to tasks relevant to their roles ?

We will enable you to ensure that managers focus on key operational priorities.

Have you considered involving your entire organization in a structured approach to enhance your performance?

We conduct an audit to assess your TPM maturity and the relevance of its implementation in your organization. Implementing Total Productive Maintenance will enable you to boost production efficiency and help control rate changes.

Let's discuss your industrial challenges we will provide you with strategic solutions to overcome the obstacles to your performance.


Maintenance efficiency

Assess and optimize your maintenance!

Our comprehensive assessment will enable you to pinpoint the maturity of your maintenance system and build a coherent strategy with clear and realistic objectives.

Illustration of the maintenance maturity levels Maintenance performance Industrial performance

Does your maintenance system rely on a dedicated process that defines interactions (both internal and external), roles and responsibilities, standards and tools?

A good organization with well-defined rules and clear processes helps eliminate errors, enhance the reliability of information exchange, and strengthen the performance.

A diagnostic of your maintenance practices will allow you to accurately identify your strengths and consolidate them. It will also enable you to pinpoint areas for improvement and enhance the efficiency of your operations.

How do you ensure the proper execution of your preventive maintenance program ?

How is your preventive maintenance plan build?

Is your preventive maintenance plan effective? How do you improve it?

Our diagnosis will enable you to answer these questions and provide you with the keys to optimization.

Are you aware of the real reliability of your machinery fleet?

What indicators and tools do you rely on to control and master the reliability of your equipment?

Our diagnosis will enable you to build up a strong and relevant reliability strategy and process.

Do you truly know your spare parts?

How do you define your critical spare parts?

How do you manage and optimize your spare parts inventory?

We will help you address these questions and many others that will enable you to implement a rational spare parts management strategy.

Does maintenance take part in your acquisition projects (new site, new machine, new production line, etc.)?

What is your strategy for acquiring materials, equipment, and maintenance services (outsourcing)?

Do you have an operational planning process that allows you to control your CapEx and OpEx?

We will accurately assess your practices in this area and enable you to implement a robust acquisition process for optimizing CAPEX and OPEX.

How is your operational staff organize?

How do you manage skills and competences within the teams?

Have you identified all critical and essential skills required within your organization?

Does the structure and configuration of your CMMS allow for effective and consistent use aligned with your activity?

Are you leveraging the full potential of your CMMS?

We will support you in selecting and deploying a CMMS relevant to your organization and processes. Additionally, we will ensure the training of your staff and change management to guarantee a quick uptake and effective acceptance of the tool.


Quality system performance

Challenge your quality system and become a champion in your field!

Quality banner Industrial performance

How do you identify variations and losses such as scraps, reworks or customer returns?

Do you know the costs associated with these variations?

We assess the robustness of évaluons la robustesse of your control process as well as non-quality cost management, and identify optimization opportunities with you.

How do you define the control and inspection requirements for your manufacturing process?

Move from a corrective to a preventive mode while minimizing process and product variations. We will assist you in identifying and managing efficiently improvements opportunities, and anticipate non-quality.

How do you monitor variations in your products and processes?

How do you anticipate deviations and stabilize processes?

We will assist you with tools, methods and solutions to control deviations and improve the reliability of your manufacturing processes.

How important is the customer in your quality process?

How do you ensure the satisfaction of your customer (both internal and external)?

How do you ensure that root causes of your critical issues are systematically identified and addressed?

Do you have a control process to prevent the recurrence of critical problems?

Do you have appropriate methods and tools for problems identification and solving?

We will assist you in problem solving, with relevant tools and methods.


HSE - Health, Safety and Environment

Measure the relevance and the application of your HSE policy!

Sustainably control workplace accidents and damages.

We assist you in maintaining the consistency of your HSE policy!

What is your safety alert process?

What are your safety management drivers?

We assess the relevance of your process and indicators in relation to your activity and context, and provide you with first class support to enable safer work environment.

How do you ensure HSE awareness among your employees?
Do you have clear HSE rules known to your employees?


Employee Empowerment Management

Assess your management system and get the best out of your employees!

Beyond production system and processes, people remain the key to performance and excellence.

Our support will help you improve absenteeism management and prevention, skills management, and foster a culture of productivity and excellence.

Is there an absenteeism management system to support your managers and supervisors on their daily activities?

How do you support an employee’s return after a long leave?

Is there a proactive and preventive absenteeism management?

Do you capitalize on operational feedback from your employees?

Is there a system to incentivize the generation of improvement ideas?

Is there a system ensuring the implementation of improvement ideas?

We will help you establish robust processes to leverage your employees’ operational experience.

How do you anticipate and manage the skills needs?

How do you manage skill shortages?

Does your operational organization allow autonomy for your employees in their tasks?

Do you have a clear governance model at all levels of your organization?

Are the roles and responsibilities of your employees clearly defined?


Production Control and Logistic

Assess your master production schedule and optimize your operational planning!

Our support will enable you to meet both customer and market demands while rationalizing resources.

How is your production planned?

Does your production system include capacity calculation and management of external demands?

Are there integrated routines around a planning system?

Our evaluation will help you build a robust and stable planning system, enabling effective response to demand variations.

Do you control the lead times of your processes?

Does your process include pull-flow mechanisms?

Is the efficiency of your logistics flow measured?

We will help you streamline the flow of materials and products to reduce overall process lead times, work in progress, and inventory.

Does your integrated logistics process take handling constraints into account?

Are the collection and preparation of parts optimized in terms of cost?

We will help you optimize integrated logistics costs, reduce parts handling, and preparation lead times.

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