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Do you have any industrial development plans?

Brains & Solutions Consulting Group accompanies you in your industrial development through project management and project execution, covering the design and implementation phases, as well as the development and deployment of your operational system and the operational master plan.

Preserve your energy and keep your resources fully engaged in the continuous improvement of your core business. We will ensure the success of all your projects involving:

Ingénieur études développement industriel - industrial development

Comprehensive support to ensure the success of your projects and your peace of mind

Specifications and contracts

Because your real needs may be poorly expressed, misinterpreted, or simply not clearly and sufficiently translated in their technical aspects, our expertise in complex projects management, industrialization, operational excellence, maintenance, and industrial performance are valuable assets you can rely on to define a technical specifications document to ensure the best foundation for your project and, most importantly, to avoid cost overruns and numerous disappointments.

Design studies

During the study and design/development phase of your equipment, production line, or factory, it is necessary to ensure ongoing review of the work to guarantee alignment between the design and your requirements, as well as your constraints (both those expressed in the specifications and any potential changes).

Our support will help prevent deviations from the specifications. With particular attention to maintainability, reliability, and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) aspects. We will enable you to anticipate operational constraints and optimize your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Monitoring and execution of works

The monitoring of construction work is a continuation of the design studies.

Here, we offer you a comprehensive project management assistance service covering OPC functions (Organization, Pilotage, and Coordination), maintenance preparation, SLI studies (Integrated Logistics Support), and project management.

Reliability and maintainability

Anticipate the performance of your plant right from the construction stage, by maximizing reliability and optimizing maintenance before it goes into operation.

Our support in this regard is aimed at ensuring the functional reliability of systems during their integration, and producing the first maintenance plans. We also ensure equipment maintainability through accessibility and characterization studies.

Development of the industrial system and operations

Opt for optimized organization and the adoption of best industrial practices right from the start-up of your facility.

BSC offers its expertise in setting up a high-performance industrial system, in line with WCM (World Class Manufacturing) standards. In particular, we can support you in the following areas:

  • Team sizing (operations, maintenance, support)
  • Structuring of services
  • Definition of business interfaces and services
  • Development of the industrial excellence system, including associated processes, standards, and tools
  • Sizing of initial spare parts requirements
  • Development of a customized maintenance strategy
Commissioning and transition management

To ensure a smooth start to your operations and to enable a successful gradual ramp-up, you can rely on our transition management to build and consolidate the following points:

  • Change management
  • Deployment of the industrial excellence system
  • Implementation of maintenance and operations strategies
  • Training, coaching, and support for employees
  • Recruitment of skills
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