Brains & Solutions Consulting Group

Who we are

Brains & Solutions Consulting is an independent consulting firm that partners with African project owners and industrial leaders, as well as with the continent’s local authorities and administrations, to meet their challenges and identify their opportunities.

We work on projects involving industrial development, strategy and operational performance, as well as the development of dedicated solutions.

Through the dynamism and expertise of our consultants, we aim to provide our customers with pragmatic and sustainable solutions that have a strong impact on their business.

Our mission

Generating economic, social and human wealth

With a comprehensive view of the direct value chain, BSC provides technical, methodological, and organizational solutions that address the context and needs of each company, while also training the staff to ensure their autonomy and the sustainability of the implemented solutions.

Our goal is firmly oriented towards achieving excellence through women and men trained in proven techniques and supported by innovative technological solutions.

By working with companies and partners on specific and time-defined topics and issues, we enable them to focus on their core business.

For this purpose, BSC provides its customers with experienced consultants. Our collaborators and partners have proven expertise in the various competency areas where we offer guidance. It is therefore a continuously growing network of seasoned professionals, including engineers and PhDs, with at least 15 years of experience, and proven track records with leading companies such as Siemens, Airbus, Renault, as well as Bombardier, Alstom, Nestlé and many others, will be mobilized to provide the most effective solutions to your needs.

By leveraging our training and development centers and establishing targeted collaboration with universities, we aim to create a pragmatic link between industry and academia, by training students, recent graduates and juniors in solutions that meet the concrete needs of our customers, and by involving them in the resolution of proven industrial challenges.

Our values

Excellence by committed and upright women and men


Our actions are consistently guided by the pursuit of excellence and the continuous improvement of our clients.


Building a trust based relationship with our partners through transparency, accountability, and fairness.


The needs of our customers are the focal point of our business and actions. The success of your projects is our priority!


People remain the main pillar of our structure. The development and well-being of our collaborators are its foundations.

Where to find us

Our commitments

Developing local skills at the heart of our commitment.

We are committed to promoting access to education for young people and fostering skill development in the localities where we operate.

That’s why BSC is involved with local communities to invest in basic education through equipment donations to schools and colleges.

For universities and higher education institutions, BSC offers a professional integration program for students, involving them in projects directly related to the concrete needs of our partners.

Likewise, students, researchers, and project initiators are provided dedicated access to the material and technical resources of our development and training centers.

Our core team

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